six band for six bucks promo video

I get to meet a lot of cool people and see some awesome events in Indianapolis with my DoItIndy show. Tolin introduced me to Ricky Potts when we first started and we instantly started talking cool social media stuff. I knew right away I liked this guy’s vibe. Last February we had the opportunity toContinue reading “six band for six bucks promo video”

Greatest Spectacle in Tortoise Racing – Zoopolis 500

I had the opportunity in May to watch the BIG tortoises race in the 2011 Zoopolis 500 at the Indianapolis Zoo. The event was one that would work for the entire family, and I knew it had to be in the DoItIndy Top 5 urban events list when I saw it listed. ¬†Fun, great toContinue reading “Greatest Spectacle in Tortoise Racing – Zoopolis 500”