IndyFringe Theatre and Fest – An Indy love of mine

Introducing the 2012 IndyFringe - DoItIndy party.

Introducing the 2012 IndyFringe – DoItIndy party. More in 2013!

When we started DoItIndy in 2010 a theatre and its shows hit my radar very quickly – IndyFringe. I love to look back at the first IndyFringe Winter Magic Festival which is where I met Pauline Moffat, executive director. I didn’t know it at the time but that would be the start of an amazing relationship. Check out one of our first videos – we have gotten A LOT better now. 🙂

Months later I was looking at the BIG IndyFringe Festival program and thought to myself, “we need to get involved.” That is exactly what happened. In 2012 I came on board to help work with the social media efforts of IndyFringe and to do some communications volunteering. Amazing. I never truly knew how much good the organization does for SO MANY people. Can I say amazing again.

In 2012 we started the first ever “official” hahstag for the IndyFringe Theatre Festival – #Fringe12. I had no idea what would happen – we trended for multiple days in Indy, the festival grew over 20 percent and we were engaged with more people than ever before. I can’t say it all happened because of social media, but a LOT did. Plus DoItIndy came on as a sponsor and had a COOL party at the #Fringe beer tent.

After that I returned to my graduate classes in the fall and had the opportunity to create a public relations plan for a nonprofit company in Indy. Of course I wanted to use IndyFringe – our group of four created a campaign that was amazing, strategic and used both traditional and new media. Let’s say that it has worked.

The first big part was – a blog that talks about theatre, volunteerism, Indy, tech and more. The blog has been live now for about a month and we have seen some amazing writing and comments! Exactly what we envisioned it being – a tool to connect with more of our audience. Phase two – the actual website and it needed some help. Patrick McCarney (tech director) took the lead and together we helped create what you see today. More info, easier navigation, Progressive site (changes for mobile devices) and a streamlined look.

If you would like to read a few of my IndyFringe blogs here you go:
Why I volunteer and love IndyFringe
IndyFringe and social media – it can work


Bands 4 Boobies 2013

Give Back - come and party with us to live, local music.

Proud sponsor & emcee of the 2013 Bands 4 Boobies charity rock show.

My good friend, Shawn June (writer of the DoItIndy theme song) called me up a few weeks ago and told me about a new charity show. Bands 4 Boobies. He asked if I might be interested in being involved and helping spread the word and have the crew help emcee. I was completely sold on the idea when he asked. My mother (Barb) is a breast cancer survivor and then a decade later had another cancer battle. Thank goodness she beat the odds both times and is still with us. I will do this for her.

Hanging out with my parents at an Indianapolis Colts game in 2012.

Hanging out with my parents at an Indianapolis Colts game in 2012.

DoItIndy Music Editor MPCavalier’s blog

I chatted with Jason Oldham of Audio Hitmen (creator of show) and told him we were in. There will be TWO locations on Saturday, April 20, 2013 for Bands 4 Boobies. Kelly’s Pub on the west side of Indianapolis and Drifty’s Sports Pub on the south side of Indy. Jason will be emcee of Kelly’s Pub and the DoItIndy crew will be emcees of Drifty’s Pub! Fun starts at 7:30 p.m.

More info and band lineups online. Please like the Facebook page of Bands 4 Boobies and be informed. Thanks for all your help.

Audio Hitmen in the DoItIndy studio to film a promo for Bands 4 Boobies.

Audio Hitmen in the DoItIndy studio to film a promo for Bands 4 Boobies.

Brackets for Good in Indy

Proud media sponsor of the 2013 Brackets for Good.

Proud media sponsor of the 2013 Brackets for Good.

When I was a child my father used to volunteer for the Madison County (Anderson, Indiana) American Red Cross chapter. I remember being 10 or 11 years old and helping him with a ducky derby race along the White River. My dad looked at me and said, “You always have to help out Son. No matter where you are or what you do, you have to help people out.” I never thought much of that until I was older. Now, I am proud to help give back to Indianapolis and the people who need help.

BFG13 - Media Sponsor

I remember seeing Brackets for Good last year, but it got by me. This year, I knew DoItIndy had to help out in the best way we could, promotions. Someday we will have funds to donate, but not yet. Our reach is far and wide and reaches many mediums so I contacted the #BFG13 guys. I was very glad to hear their enthusiasm as I told them we could help out and try to get the word ALL OVER INDY! 🙂

Brackets for Good website

So…if you can: $1 equals 1 point. Support your favorite out  of the Indianapolis group. A grand prize awaits the nonprofit that raises the most points!

CLICK HERE to view the DoItIndy blog that talks the bracket more

Thanks for all your help. DoItIndy is always committed to helping Indianapolis in any way we can, and this is just the right fit.


#MTFW at Roundpeg


I recently had the opportunity to chat social media and community events with Lorraine Ball of Roundpeg. Social Media is a complex tactic that can really make or break your event or community outing. The talk went to several local Indy organizations, pics, postings and more. We chatted up DoItIndy, Indy Fringe Theatre Festival and Movember Indy. Thanks again Lorraine and crew at Roundpeg.

#MTFW chat with Roundpeg

Here is a link to Roundpeg’s page where you can listen to the entire Podcast :

Movember 1st, 2012 #MoIndy12

Reds has the best hot shaves around.

We had a fantastic time getting hot shaves at Red’s Classic Barber Shop and then drinking some Stiff Upper Lip (official beer of Movember Indy 2012) at Sun King Brewing Company on the 1st of the month. We truly do love Movember and growing our moustaches for men’s health and prostate cancer. Wild Bill of DoItIndy created a fantastic video that truly highlights the night and cause.
Big Ben gets shaved at Red's

 I was the 28th shave of the day to break the record…I got to ring the bell! Thank you so much Red’s. Please donate today at Hope to see you out at a Movember event soon!

Movember and my Moustache

Changing the face of men's health

Please join or donate to our team:

Movember is awesome. I found out about the charity last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. Through genetics that my father blessed me with, I have the ability to grow hair like an adolescent wookie, so my moustache is BIG. My dad is an inspiration to my moustache too, he rocked one for over 15 years. The picture below is my dad in 1978, what a leisure suit!

Doc Risinger rocks a great moustache

Last year DoItIndy (Tolin and I) raised $720 for the charity. THIS year we have the DoItIndy Urban Moustache Warriors and at this time have 16 members and counting! Nothing like growing your moustache and hanging out with Mo Bros and Mo Sistas. I invite you to click on the link and join our wonderful team today. NO running or walking, we just grow our moustaches for men’s health and prostate cancer. If you have any questions, please let me know.

The DoItIndy crew of Movember 2012

Director KC, Big Ben, Producer Asa and Tolin of DoItIndy

Throughout the month of Movember, the local committee (which I am lucky to be a part of) has planned several events for the Indy area! Please visit for more information on the local movement, events, sponsors and more. You can also find Movember Indy on Facebook and Twitter. During the last two years the state of Indiana has raised $51,779.67 and the city of Indianapolis has raised $26,646.73, that is awesome for a young charity! Heading into the third year that Movember has been in the state, people are ready as ever and the movement is catching on. I can’t wait to see what happens in 2012. DoItIndy is also a proud sponsor of Movember Indy.

Hope to see you out soon for a Movember Indy event!

Moustaches seem to be catching on…

I leave you with these fine words from Ron Swanson or a.k.a. Nick Offerman. A true moustache warrior!

Indianapolis Humane Society’s – Mutt Strut 2012

Always fun to help out the doggies and walk the IMS track.

I really love dogs – I grew up with a dog and now I have my own beautiful girl, Nala. Last year we covered Mutt Strut with DoItIndy and walked Nala on the track of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Had a fun time.

SO…DoItIndy partnered with the humane society to give something back to YOU in 2012! We are now a proud sponsor of the event that gives back to the doggies in Indy – Mutt Strut!

If you register now through April 19th and use the promo code “DoItIndy2012” you will receive $5 off registration! WooHoo! That is a good deal.

Please follow the link below to go to for more information and to learn how to register!

Nala - the best dog in the world

I had to include Nala. She is excited for this year's Mutt Strut!

Goodbye to Movember and my mustache for 2011!

KC, Ben, Asa, Scott

The DoItIndy crew was out shooting pics and video. More to come soon!

What a wild 12 weeks it was with a mustache! I never thought it would bring as many discussions, looks and laughs. Sporting a mustache in 2011 just isn’t the normal thing to do. Especially a very long mustache as the one I had grown. I am very happy to say that we raised a total of $635 for the Movember charity. I had a great time wearing a mustache. And…I kinda miss it.
Movember is a worldwide charity that raises money for prostate cancer research and the LIVESTRONG Foundation. I would like to thank everyone who donated – it means very much to me and the rest of the DoItIndy crew. Tolin, myself and Producer Asa all three grew our mustaches out for the month.

Lots of good Movember Mustaches

The crowd gathers as the Movember Gala mustache competition starts at the Tomlinson Tap Room

Our Movember Page: We raised $635!

Thanks to all the cool people/businesses we met along the way: Bryan Kendall, Movember Indy, Flat 12 Bierworks & Bob, Red’s Classic Barber Shop (Rufus and the crew), and many more. Thanks for getting on board and helping the cause!

The DoItIndy crew

As the first week of December hit, we shaved our mustaches. Thanks to Tolin and Producer Asa for growing a mustache with me!

Donation list to the DoItIndy Movember Cause
Anonymous – “Keep that stache rocking Big Ben!”
Polly Willhite
Kelly Campbell – “Save the balls!”
Thunderlight Studios – “Ben – Love the “MO” – you are rockin’ it my friend!!!!”
Stefanie Wiseman
Jerry Maple
Rhianon Waltman
Katie Warner – “I think what u guys r doing is awesome! Yay for healthy men!!”
Ryan & Shannon McWaters – “We want “Mo”….yeah!”
Barb Risinger
Andy Frazier
Sara Nathan
Steve and Vicki Tolin
Genna Hughes
Kelly Campbell
Jon Pianki
Jennifer Vail
Brad Hall
Holly and Matt Sommers
All the people who have donated for mustaches at Si Greene’s Pub: Devon Ashcraft, Steve Beasley, Sharron McKnight, Jammin Joe Hutton, 1st Place, Jake & Elaine, Brooke M., Robin Greene, Taylor K., Tanya, Joe Loyd, Biff, Mike W., Tammy G., Paige K., Jessi M., LeeAnn R., Eddie, W.W.T., Katie McKnight, D.O.I.D. 333, Ron Jeremy, The Bells Family, Dick Digger, Pops Greene, and Si Greene’s Staff with a $15 donation!

Thanks to my buddy Eric Thomas (@airthom) of  for the great Movember Gala pictures.

Movember 2011 – Last week of #MoustacheSeason in Indy

Here we are at the last week of November – which I have been calling “Movember”. Men across the world have been growing mustaches for a great cause this month – men’s health!  – DONATE! – Local Movember Movement

@MovemberIndy and #MoIndy2011 – Twitter

The 10 week old mustache lives on!

My mustache as we enter the last week of Movember. Trying to hit our $1000 DoItIndy goal!

First…it has been a great experience growing my mustache the past 10 weeks. What an experience. A great conversation starter and people just like to look at it – especially when the Mo is waxed and pointy! Thanks again to all the people who have donate.

Anonymous – “Keep that stache rocking Big Ben!”
Polly Willhite
Kelly Campbell – “Save the balls!”
Thunderlight Studios – “Ben – Love the “MO” – you are rockin’ it my friend!!!!”
Stefanie Wiseman
Jerry Maple
Rhianon Waltman
Katie Warner – “I think what u guys r doing is awesome! Yay for healthy men!!”
Ryan & Shannon McWaters – “We want “Mo”….yeah!”
Barb Risinger
Andy Frazier
Sara Nathan
Steve and Vicki Tolin
Genna Hughes
All the people who have donated for mustaches at Si Greene’s Pub

Thank you all. This has become such a personal effort to me and every dollar counts. No donation is too small. We will cure prostate cancer.
A very in depth and informative blog post on growing a mustache in 2011 will be coming. I wanted to wait until the month of Movember is over until I wrote my deepest Mo’ thoughts.