Goodbye to Movember and my mustache for 2011!

KC, Ben, Asa, Scott
The DoItIndy crew was out shooting pics and video. More to come soon!

What a wild 12 weeks it was with a mustache! I never thought it would bring as many discussions, looks and laughs. Sporting a mustache in 2011 just isn’t the normal thing to do. Especially a very long mustache as the one I had grown. I am very happy to say that we raised a total of $635 for the Movember charity. I had a great time wearing a mustache. And…I kinda miss it.
Movember is a worldwide charity that raises money for prostate cancer research and the LIVESTRONG Foundation. I would like to thank everyone who donated – it means very much to me and the rest of the DoItIndy crew. Tolin, myself and Producer Asa all three grew our mustaches out for the month.

Lots of good Movember Mustaches
The crowd gathers as the Movember Gala mustache competition starts at the Tomlinson Tap Room

Our Movember Page: We raised $635!

Thanks to all the cool people/businesses we met along the way: Bryan Kendall, Movember Indy, Flat 12 Bierworks & Bob, Red’s Classic Barber Shop (Rufus and the crew), and many more. Thanks for getting on board and helping the cause!

The DoItIndy crew
As the first week of December hit, we shaved our mustaches. Thanks to Tolin and Producer Asa for growing a mustache with me!

Donation list to the DoItIndy Movember Cause
Anonymous – “Keep that stache rocking Big Ben!”
Polly Willhite
Kelly Campbell – “Save the balls!”
Thunderlight Studios – “Ben – Love the “MO” – you are rockin’ it my friend!!!!”
Stefanie Wiseman
Jerry Maple
Rhianon Waltman
Katie Warner – “I think what u guys r doing is awesome! Yay for healthy men!!”
Ryan & Shannon McWaters – “We want “Mo”….yeah!”
Barb Risinger
Andy Frazier
Sara Nathan
Steve and Vicki Tolin
Genna Hughes
Kelly Campbell
Jon Pianki
Jennifer Vail
Brad Hall
Holly and Matt Sommers
All the people who have donated for mustaches at Si Greene’s Pub: Devon Ashcraft, Steve Beasley, Sharron McKnight, Jammin Joe Hutton, 1st Place, Jake & Elaine, Brooke M., Robin Greene, Taylor K., Tanya, Joe Loyd, Biff, Mike W., Tammy G., Paige K., Jessi M., LeeAnn R., Eddie, W.W.T., Katie McKnight, D.O.I.D. 333, Ron Jeremy, The Bells Family, Dick Digger, Pops Greene, and Si Greene’s Staff with a $15 donation!

Thanks to my buddy Eric Thomas (@airthom) of  for the great Movember Gala pictures.

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