Happy Holidays. Thanks for a great year in 2011 Indianapolis!

I wanted to take a second and say thank you Indianapolis. The past year has been a wild one both personally and professionally on SO many different levels. DoItIndy has really taken off and people like to know the cool events happening in urban Indianapolis. I’ve never had so much fun promoting the wonderful and awesome city we live in.
It is also been a time for me to look at taking that leap and bound – going the distance and finally becoming the Public Relations professional I aspire to be. Go time.  This is going to happen…look for some truly great things to be announced in early 2012!

Hanging at the Ice Castle
A picture taken at the Jolly Days Winter Wonderland exhibit taken at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

Personally, I have continued graduate school at IUPUI, met some wonderful  new people, loved and lost and learned more about who I am and what I need and want as the journey of life continues. As each year goes on I think about what life should truly be to for happiness and how I continue to evolve, learn and figure myself out. Been a great year for growing. I will get it all right in about 50 years, or at least I think I will.?!
I am very thankful for the good friends, family and others who have helped me along life’s path.

Thank you all. Enjoy your holiday season and have the best New Year in 2012! Be urban…and get out and DoItIndy!

Happy Holidays from DoItIndy
Have a safe and happy holiday season Indianapolis

Published by Ben Risinger

Public Relations, Marketing and New Media Professional. College Professor. Fanboy. Adventurer. Local Grand Rapids Lover.

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays. Thanks for a great year in 2011 Indianapolis!

  1. Thanks for the very kind words. I appreciate it alot. Indianapolis is great and we hope to show you even more in 2012! I appreciate anyone who helps promote what a fantastic place we live in. 🙂

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