IndyFringe Theatre and Fest – An Indy love of mine

Introducing the 2012 IndyFringe - DoItIndy party.
Introducing the 2012 IndyFringe – DoItIndy party. More in 2013!

When we started DoItIndy in 2010 a theatre and its shows hit my radar very quickly – IndyFringe. I love to look back at the first IndyFringe Winter Magic Festival which is where I met Pauline Moffat, executive director. I didn’t know it at the time but that would be the start of an amazing relationship. Check out one of our first videos – we have gotten A LOT better now. 🙂

Months later I was looking at the BIG IndyFringe Festival program and thought to myself, “we need to get involved.” That is exactly what happened. In 2012 I came on board to help work with the social media efforts of IndyFringe and to do some communications volunteering. Amazing. I never truly knew how much good the organization does for SO MANY people. Can I say amazing again.

In 2012 we started the first ever “official” hahstag for the IndyFringe Theatre Festival – #Fringe12. I had no idea what would happen – we trended for multiple days in Indy, the festival grew over 20 percent and we were engaged with more people than ever before. I can’t say it all happened because of social media, but a LOT did. Plus DoItIndy came on as a sponsor and had a COOL party at the #Fringe beer tent.

After that I returned to my graduate classes in the fall and had the opportunity to create a public relations plan for a nonprofit company in Indy. Of course I wanted to use IndyFringe – our group of four created a campaign that was amazing, strategic and used both traditional and new media. Let’s say that it has worked.

The first big part was – a blog that talks about theatre, volunteerism, Indy, tech and more. The blog has been live now for about a month and we have seen some amazing writing and comments! Exactly what we envisioned it being – a tool to connect with more of our audience. Phase two – the actual website and it needed some help. Patrick McCarney (tech director) took the lead and together we helped create what you see today. More info, easier navigation, Progressive site (changes for mobile devices) and a streamlined look.

If you would like to read a few of my IndyFringe blogs here you go:
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