My first movie review

So a good friend of mine has a viral video entertainment show called Even More Useless Information, great name! 🙂 I love the content, I’m a fanboy, movie buff myself and just thought it would be cool to do over Skype. Yep…he was in Champaign, Illinois and I was here in Indianapolis at my desk. Very cool.
I was a little nervous, not knowing exactly what to say and I can get long winded. The show is already over 10 minutes in length and he told me one minute! So I was a little over on time and said the words, “You Know?” about a zillion times. Oh well, I’m used to being on camera now with DoItIndy, I just didn’t get my flow down this first time. My review was on the Green Lantern, who happens to be my favorite comic book superhero EVER. It is amazing that he draws his powers from the imagination of his mind. Right on.
If you like entertainment news…Even More Useless Information is for you! You can find them on Twitter (@macewinduism), Facebook (group page), YouTube (macewinduism). Thanks for the invite Jason and Mark. Keep being cool and letting everyone know that useless info they need to know!

To get this out, the same person who did their animated intro designed our DoItIndy logo and animation! Thanks Lyndsay McCully!
Check out the 3:5o minute mark for my Green Lantern movie review.

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