The Social 46 and 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl XLVI

Proud member of the #Social46 crew

DoItIndy ( was recently recognized as one of the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee’s Social 46 group. What is the Social 46? It is a  group of communications & social media minded people that were selected to represent the city and state of Indiana. The members were chosen via their Klout score ( which measures social media influence across the web. The group consists of social media professionals, PR professionals, Blue 2 from Butler, Indiana radio and television personalities, bloggers and more! What an incredible group of people to be associated with…and to work on such a cool project together!

It is amazing after only two days to see how the group of #Social46 has come together. We are already having open dialogue on how/when/what outlet to promote, what to cover now and who will be doing what during Super Bowl week to coordinate our efforts. These individuals truly love our city, social media and understand the impact that we have on the world leading up to Super Bowl XLVI! Again…I can’t wait to work more hand-in-hand with others in the Social 46 group from Super Bowl Village. Did I mention that I’m kinda excited for the Super Bowl?!

Top Social Media Leaders Meet To Talk Super Bowl – Liz Thomas (93.1 WIBC)

Proud member of #Social46 group

DoItIndy will bring you daily updates from Super Bowl Village, The Huddle, The NFL Experience and more in downtown Indianapolis. If you live in the city, we can tell you what you need to know! It is gonna be a wild ride, but I know that the people of Indianapolis will do the world proud. Let’s have a great Super Bowl!
DoItIndy Super Bowl XLVI page (Updates from Super Bowl village)

Honored to be with such a fine group

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