My Ghost Story “Spirits on Tap”

Almost one year ago Tolin and I took part in a paranormal investigation at Si Greene’s Pub! I know. BUT…What a crazy, surreal and cool night we had in the bar with members of Paranormal 911 Investigations. I never thought I would experience what I did and have it make me think of things so much differently. I tell everyone this and it is the truth – you see it on TV and think and think whatever (or at least I did) but when you experience this for real…WOW.

Big Ben and Tolin from DoItIndy went on a paranormal investigation
Big Ben and Tolin talk ghosts at Si Greene’s Pub

A few months later the investigation got picked up by the television show My Ghost Story and before you knew it, we were going to be featured. I flew out to California with Jerry Maple (co-owner of Si Greene’s Pub) and we did our interviews on the chair (part you see where we have this spooky looking background and are talking). Then, the show flew a cameraman out to shoot video at the bar and get general shots and some reenactment scenes with all who were involved that night. The night vision footage you see is real from that night…and very spooky. I do believe that Si Greene’s Pub is “haunted” and has spirits that live or reside there. I’m not scared and will still go back as we love our neighborhood watering hole!

A couple of weeks ago our segment aired on the Biography channel. A link to the show is below – we are the first segment up.

So what do you think Indianapolis?

Paranormal 911 Investigations website  |  DoItIndy website

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