Go Ape! Treetop Adventure at Eagle Creek Park

Safety first at the Go Ape! Treetop Adventure

FIVE Ziplines. Tarzan swing ropes, bridges, rope ladders, and more await you at Eagle Creek Park’s newest attraction – Go Ape! Treetop Adventure. The entire course takes two to three hours and you never know it – time flies by! Lol. I took roaming reporter Slick Laroo and my friend McCully (she designs the DoItIndy logos) with me to have fun and see what this new adventure was all about.

DoItIndy is a big fan of Go Ape!

Seriously – if you travel to the Treetop Adventure wear good shoes and not too much clothing. You will be twisting, swinging, bending, climbing and having a great time. This is THE thing for an outdoor fun junkie!

The Go Ape! Treetop Adventure is now at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis

You are given a good run through of all equipment and safety procedures.

So grab your family and friends…because this is cool. Have fun this summer and experience all that Indy Parks has to offer. If the Treetop Adventure isn’t for you, the Indy parks department will have something that you will like! For more Indy Parks and Recreation info: Indy Parks official website.

Slick Laroo and McCully train to start the Go Ape course. DoItIndy!

For more information on Go Ape!: Go Ape official website

Fun to be had with Go Ape!

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