DoItIndy Top 5 video Aug 15-21, 2011 – sausage, fun, buying local, art and Indy Fringe!

Sometimes the events just come to us. I have spent hours before looking up events that I would deem “worthy” of being in our Top 5 list, this week they kind happened. Lots of great activities happening in urban Indianapolis this upcoming weekend with something for the entire family. We try to keep items in our lists each week that attract more than just people like us. Art, the media, sports, non-profits – we love it all. I’m especially excited for our No. 1 urban event this week, Indy Fringe. Watch the video for more on this fantastic two week festival that draws people from across the country.
And…this week we were going to film at the Indiana State Fair, but thought it wouldn’t be the best in light of the stage collapse. I would just like to say a big thanks to all of those who helped the night of the terrible event. I was following the Colts preseason game via the internet when I saw the first tweet come through my Tweetdeck.  I was stuck, my eyes couldn’t move from my screen. I couldn’t believe it, and as all the stories have unfolded over the past few days I just feel a loss for our city. Indianapolis is tough though…and our people are first class. My prayers still go out to all those affected by this tragedy.

Published by Ben Risinger

Public Relations, Marketing and New Media Professional. College Professor. Fanboy. Adventurer. Local Grand Rapids Lover.

One thought on “DoItIndy Top 5 video Aug 15-21, 2011 – sausage, fun, buying local, art and Indy Fringe!

  1. Hope that your Fringe activity includes Beer Can Raft. at the Phoenix Theatre. First performance Saturday.
    If you want to go for a ride on it, let us know.

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