DoItIndy Top 5 video for Aug. 22-28, 2011: Scooters, Dig-In Indiana, Baseball, Motorcycles and Chinese Lanterns

I am very excited about our Top 5 list this week. Sometimes it is very hard to narrow down what the five events will be, but this week they kind of came to us. And…if you have not been to a show at Indy Fringe yet, this is the second and last week for the festival. Visit for more information on the great art fest.

The Top 5 List…
5. The Moto GP is just cool. This is a new race to come to Indianapolis Motor Speedway just a few years ago. Along with the tradition of IRL and NASCAR there are events happening all weekend long. If you are at all interested in two wheeled fun, this is for you.
4. Celebrating 125 Years of Baseball in Indianapolis. If you live in our city, you have to love the tribe. The Indy Indians have been with us  for so long, we would be incomplete without them. If you have never been to Victory Field, you must go. This is an art exhibit at the NAMOS exhibition on the IUPUI campus. What is cooler than looking at art of America’s Pasttime?  Great for all sports enthusiasts. NAMOS website at IUPUI
3. Gasoline Rally. I am a scooter rider. Scooters are absolutely awesome in my opinion and there isn’t a better time than NOW to scoot. Gas prices are way too high! Friday-Sunday you can go on scoots through the city with some of the professionals that Indianapolis has to offer. First, we get to ride our scoots on the MotoGP track (AWESOME!), second you get to hang out with all the motorcycles for Motorcycles on Meridian, third you get to meet some of the coolest and most down to earth people around. Too bad I sold my scooter earlier this year and have been off the road since. But, some of the cool scooter people have taken care of me and I will be borrowing a nice scoot for the Rally. Scootin is so much more than just fun…it becomes a lifestyle.

The orange bee was a Honda Elite SR50
The Orange Bee. I sold this scoot earlier this summer. Haven't been able to get a new scoot

2. Feast of Lanterns. This is one of my favorite festivals in the city every year.  On Saturday, August 27th you can visit Spades Park on the Eastside of the city for one of the most beautiful displays around. The entire park is lined with handmade/paper Chinese Lanterns. Food, music, community booths and the lanterns. Feast of Lanterns Facebook page

Lanterns lit up at night in Spades Park
I took this with my point and shoot camera a few years ago at the Feast of Lanterns.

1. 2nd Dig-In A Taste of Indiana. (Showcase of local Indiana food, beer and wine). 32 local chefs from around the state along with brewers and winemakers will descend upon White River State Park to showcase their products. Food will be in abundance and you are bound to find numerous dishes that will tempt your palate, along with some great drink! The bonus for me is that my guys from Fermenti Artisan will be on hand with their all natural and local food and drink. Chef Shua and Mark Cox are friends of mine, so I help assist them with their social media in exchange for food. Hey, I’m a broke graduate school student…it works. Check out the urban farm boys at
For more on Dig-In, vendors, directions and more visit

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