Racing scoots on the MotoGP track at IMS – Gasoline Rally 4

Ready to hit the road
Wearing my mustache in support of Gasoline Rally at Fox 59 on Saturday morning

Scooters rock. People kind of giggle and think whatever when I say that, but it is absolutely 100% true. There is a culture of people in Indianapolis that take scooters very seriously, are legal to ride, and have well planned out rides once a week. Black Market Scooter Club is awesome and the best thing that they do each year…have a rally. Last weekend I took past in my second Gasoline Rally (Gasoline Rally 4 – We Rally Long Time) and was blown away. I didn’t have a scooter to ride on Friday morning and a very nice man by the name of Art (75 years old too) let me borrow his vintage Honda Elite 150. Awesome. Art’s son Steve actually told me in the beginning, “let me see what I can do for you man.” Scooter people are good people.

This was the beast I rode on the track
Doesn't get any better than a big old vintage bike to ride the Indy Motor Speedway with.

On Saturday, another great friend Becca let me borrow her Yamaha Vino. A very cool and smooth ride that took me to the fun at Midwest Motorcycle Club. Fantastic. My rally was totally coming together.

The second scooter I borrowed to ride the rally
The Yamaha Vino was a fantastic ride...and she growls like a lion.

Last year we didn’t get to ride the most famous track in the world, the coveted Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This year we did. That ride was one of the coolest things I have ever done. How awesome is that?!?! The MotoGP track took you on the famous oval and around the entire IMS grounds with zigs and zags and a few 360 turns that made me yell out and scream like a kid. I will never forget that experience…thank you Gasoline Rally.

Saturday was great as I started the morning with a plug for the rally on Fox 59 during our weekly DoItIndy segment.  Lots of fun as I threw on the mustache bandanna to just be me and have a laugh. From there I drove the Vino down to the motorcycle club to help volunteer for the second day. On Friday I helped park scoots and help out wherever, on Saturday I kinda did the same thing to just help out. Always give back to organizations that do good for your community.  My dad told me that as a kid that you always have to help others. Enough ADHD writing. Scoot races, fun games, Mabel on the Move and Scratch food trucks, great drink and the best people. The night ended with a party at Radio Radio and LaRevolucion in Fountain Square. Scootin was good.

Finally, my video of the track ride is below. The wind, the sun, the perfect evening to ride your bike on the most famous racetrack in the world. You can’t hear my yells, screams and wooohooo’s as I ride the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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