DoItIndy Top 5, Sept. 5-11, 2011 – Never Forget Sept. 11th

The first full week of September gave us a fantastic week full of events. Labor Day came and the chilly weather hit us quickly. Welcome to fall of 2011!
Onto this week’s Top 5 Urban Events….

5. Dracula at the Indiana Repertory Theatre
Who doesn’t know Dracula and who isn’t at least curious to see him on the live stage?! In honor of the Fall, the IRT will be hosting Bram Stoker’s Dracula now through October 1, 2011. The Indiana Repertory Theatre is one of Indianapolis’ best venues to see plays and live performances. Have fun, get into the boo spooky Halloween spirit and see the one and only…Dracula

Everybody likes to get a little spooked every now and then...Dracula is at the IRT through 10-1-11.


4.  Irvington Farmer’s Market and Art Fair
The second Sunday of each month through October, Irvington gives you one the BEST markets in the city. The market is in Ellenberger Park and goes from 12noon to 3pm. Music, arts, vendors, food and fun. This is the do not miss farmer’s market of Indianapolis in my opinion. I visit this each month to just people watch and always say hello to my boys at Fermenti Artisan –

Fermenti Artisan at Irvington Farmer's Market
One of my favorite farmer's markets at Ellenberger Park. I'm a big fan of the Eastside too.


3. 45th Annual Penrod Art Fair
It has been coined, “Indiana’s Nicest Day” and I hope that it is true. One of the oldest art fairs in the entire country, the Penrod is not to be missed. On the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) from 9a-5p on Saturday, Sept. 10th. Over 300 art vendors, music, food, beverages and activities for the entire family.

Indiana's Nicest Day
The 45th Annual Penrod Arts Fair will be at the IMA on Saturday, Sept. 10th.


2. Out of the Darkness Community Walk
This Saturday join the DoItIndy crew as we walk for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Central Indiana Chapter). Non-profit work is a big part of what we are about as a show, especially in our local Indianapolis community. A friend we met out one night, Amy Pauszek, turned us onto this and we are proud to be an official sponsor of the 2011 walk. Suicide is a touchy subject and we hope to raise awareness and some funds to help educate our local community.

Out of the Darkness Walk
DoItIndy is proud to sponsor the Out of the Darkness Community Walk


1.  America Remember 9-11
Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks on the USA…which we are all too familiar with. This is a solemn occasion for America, but the Rathskeller has started a tradition of America Remembers at the Biergarten. The event starts at 4pm this Sunday with different ceremonies, mayor Greg Ballard will be speaking, bagpipers will be playing, food, drink and more. This is an occasion to not only remember what happened 10 years ago, but to celebrate our independence and freedom as Americans.
I will never forget waking up and going to my coffee and chocolate shop (Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe) on Mass Ave. that morning. I would normally wake up to music on the radio, but as I remember wondering, “what is going on in the world?” as I awoke that morning. It was a day that as an American, I will never forget. We have show over the last 10 years we are strong as a nation, strong as a people, and good will always prevail. That is why I love living in the greatest nation on earth. We always tough it out and make it through whatever comes at us.
I will be at the gathering on Sunday and hope that Indianapolis shows a great turnout. I’m proud to live in the city of Indianapolis and proud to live in my country, the United States of America.

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