Irvington Noir photo shoot

So…as I walk out of my house on Friday afternoon my neighbor John Siskin (a professional photographer) asks me if I would want to be in a photo shoot as a model?! Really? I asked if he was serious and he said absolutely. John is a part of the Irvington Photo Club who shoot differentContinue reading “Irvington Noir photo shoot”

Haunting of Indianapolis – Si Greene’s Pub and DoItIndy

I’m a big fan of a local Irish bar that is on the Eastside of Indianapolis. It is the actual place where Scott Tolin and I came up with the brainchild of our show, DoItIndy. The old building sits at the corner of 10th Street and Emerson Avenue, only about 10 minutes out of theContinue reading “Haunting of Indianapolis – Si Greene’s Pub and DoItIndy”

DoItIndy Top 5, Sept. 5-11, 2011 – Never Forget Sept. 11th

The first full week of September gave us a fantastic week full of events. Labor Day came and the chilly weather hit us quickly. Welcome to fall of 2011! Onto this week’s Top 5 Urban Events…. 5. Dracula at the Indiana Repertory Theatre Who doesn’t know Dracula and who isn’t at least curious to seeContinue reading “DoItIndy Top 5, Sept. 5-11, 2011 – Never Forget Sept. 11th”