Irvington Noir photo shoot

So…as I walk out of my house on Friday afternoon my neighbor John Siskin (a professional photographer) asks me if I would want to be in a photo shoot as a model?! Really? I asked if he was serious and he said absolutely. John is a part of the Irvington Photo Club who shoot different scenes around the Eastside, “Irvington”  area. The club was looking for a tough guy who could act as a “gangster type” of dude from the days of the 30’s-40’s (Noir). I guess that is me!

The Irvington Photo Club is putting together a book of scenes that are classic, old school, black and white and just cool. The book will be coming out later this year around October, just in time for the awesome Irvington Halloween Festival! Thanks for the experience – I had a lot of fun! Kudos go out to Slick Laroo (@slicklaroo) for the behind the scenes shots.
You can find the photo club online at and via social media at Facebook ( and Flickr (
Here are a few shots from the night:

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One thought on “Irvington Noir photo shoot

  1. Ben! I can’t believe I am just now reading this! I was searching for another article about us and this was the first one to pop up. We now have a book related dedicated Facebook page.
    Our .com club webpage is under construction.
    I think the posters are all spoken for already! I’m going to have to order a second batch! Can’t wait ’till Sat. Stop by. We have a Do It Indy sign for the line up-haha! It was fun reading this.

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