Jimmy Fallon – Super Bowl XLVI – Indianapolis

I got to see the Jimmy Fallon show at the Hilbert Circle Theatre on Monument Circle on Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012. SO GOOD! My friend Becca got tickets to the show and I was privileged enough to go along. I was excited to see the show, but it was AMAZING. The live taping absolutely surpassed all myContinue reading “Jimmy Fallon – Super Bowl XLVI – Indianapolis”

Racing scoots on the MotoGP track at IMS – Gasoline Rally 4

Scooters rock. People kind of giggle and think whatever when I say that, but it is absolutely 100% true. There is a culture of people in Indianapolis that take scooters very seriously, are legal to ride, and have well planned out rides once a week. Black Market Scooter Club is awesome and the best thingContinue reading “Racing scoots on the MotoGP track at IMS – Gasoline Rally 4”