Fall 2014 State of Social Media


The Story of my Wedding Ring


I lost my wedding ring. I did. Only four months into marriage I was scraping off the windshield of my car one night and it disappeared. That night I was actually going to pick up my awesome wife Kelly (or Slick Laroo as some know her) from her job at David’s Bridal. A snow storm had started and Grand Rapids and I wanted to pick her up because it was BAD out – next morning we had eight inches of snow.

I knew the ring was gone right away, noticed it driving and then thought, “I wasn’t wearing gloves! Whuy?!” Scraping the window was rough and my fingers were completely numb, it just slipped off.When we finally got back home, we couldn’t find it. A co-worker even let me borrow a metal detector which I used for several days.

I was devastated. Bad. I felt sick that I lost my ring so soon after we got married…and we are still paying them off which didn’t help. 🙂 Kelly was a great wife and gave me an $8 replacement for Valentine’s Day which I proudly wore. We knew to just keep looking. I looked almost every day for a few minutes in the ice and snow of Eastown. Never saw it. Wooosaaa.



I missed my ring, I had a few dreams that I found it. My new ring just wasn’t the same, but it was OK. THEN…Kelly told me she had a surprise for me. I had a busy day at work and when I got home she told me to shut my eyes. WHOAAAAA I couldn’t believe it, she found my ring.

I did a happy dance. I went WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! My mouth dropped. I got emotional. Kelly found the ring on the parking pad and it was just looking at her in the snow. I know that love is there no matter what – but I love Slick Laroo so much I want to shout it from the rooftops. I guess the symbolism of the ring and being a newlywed made it so special and that is why I took it so hard. Now – a lifetime to not loose the ring again because we may not be so lucky next time. 🙂


I found the Awesome Mitten – time for some new web videos and blogs – #MittenLove

Awesome_MittenHello there. For those of you who do not know, I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan and had to leave the DoItIndy crew. I couldn’t be gone tooo long, I was ready. Here I go as a new blogger for the very cool group – Awesome Mitten. A lot like DoItIndy, but Michigan style. I love their hashtag – #MittenLove.

If you live in Grand Rapids or the West Michigan area and have something cool, please let me know. You might get some #MittenLove. Looking forward to exploring more of Michigan soon.

My first blog – Big Ben joins the Mitten Crew

Grand Rapids Skyline - from Experience GR website.
Grand Rapids Skyline – from Experience GR website.

#DontStopBelieving – 2013 Mary Free Bed Leg Lamp Holiday Campaign

What a campaign we had, it is truly amazing to hear how many people LOVED and recognized  the Mary Free Bed elves and “special” leg lamp. Below you will find a few videos and links to blogs from the communications and external relations staff that tell you a little more about what we did. Leg Lamp, Elves, Alumni (Patient) Stories and more.

I dressed up as a Mary Free Bed elf with my good friend and co-worker Eric Miller for the Grand Rapids Santa Parade. CLICK HERE to see the Storify new media blog.


GUEST BLOG for Ragan’s Health Care Communication News

A Drink with Ben & Steve: Google + Hangout

Social Media and Google + Hangout

Ben and Steve will chat social media, the drink of the week and life on the 30 minute weekly webcast.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Steve Neville, of Intelligent Designs Media said we should chat social media more. We geek out. I completely agreed as I’m a social media junkie and can talk platforms and strategies all the time. Yes, this conversation was had while drinking a beer.

SO…a Google + Hangout was thought up. There are a lot of different podcasts about social media, but none focus on being a gentleman, having a gentleman’s beverage and social media. This week we chat #Vine – the new web six second video platform to use with Twitter.

I hope that you will join us to chat social media and just have some fun. The link to the Google + Hangout will be posted around 7:10-7:15 on Thursday evening via our Twitter handles. We will also take live questions and chat from Twitter – please use the hashtag #DrinkWBS to chime in and say hi!

Ben Risinger on Twitter: @Ben Risinger  |  Steve Neville on Twitter: @IntelMediaGroup

The Year 2012 in Pictures

Saturday morning at FOX 59 WXIN greenroom.

Saturday morning at FOX 59 WXIN greenroom.

Wow. 2012 flew by in what seems like the blink of an eye. Now that I’m 35 years old, time goes faster and faster. Life was awesome in 2012, so many amazing things happened to myself and our wonderful city of Indianapolis.

CLICK HERE to view my blog – 2012 in pictures on DoItIndy.com

Looking forward to the best year yet in 2013!


Pokemon Championships in Indianapolis

DoItIndy at Pokemon National Championships

Shooting an interview for DoItIndy

When I was in college…yes I played Pokemon a little. I am a true fan-boy geek at heart. The game was OK, but I never really got into it. BUT – the cartoon was always cool to me. PIKACHU!!!!!

Check it out – I got to interview the world wide marketing manager, a player of the card game and PIKACHU!

CLICK HERE to read my blog on DoItIndy.com

Somnium Media

Somnium Media can help you with all your communications needs!

I am very proud to announce that I have started a new media and communications company in the Indianapolis area with two partners! I am now a Principal at Somnium Media along with Stephanie Eppich Daily and Susan Decker. We offer public relations, social media, writing and more. Somnium in Latin means “the dream.”

Call us today at 317.643.0099 if we can help you!

@SomniumMedia  |  Facebook  |  Google +

Please click the link below to read my first blog on the Somnium Media website. Thanks!


Indiana Artisan Marketplace

I’m very proud to be a Hoosier. I’ve lived in Indiana, Ohio and Florida but have spent most of my life in our grand state. Hoosiers are cool, Hoosiers are talented and Hoosiers make some really cool stuff.

Indiana Artisan is just that – the best that Indiana has to offer. From their website (www.indianaartisan.org), “This collaborative organization brings together Indiana’s talented Artisans’ one-of-a-kind art and food creations – in stores and on trails crisscrossing the state. Their select work enriches the lives of Hoosiers and visitors.

Indiana Artisan - true and original Indiana art and products

I think that says it all. For sure.

This weekend at the Expo Hall at the Indiana State Fairgrounds you will be able to buy art, food and drink from the best of the best. The 2nd Indiana Artisan Marketplace made the DoItIndy Top 5 urban events of the week – check out our video here (www.youtube.com/doitindy). Support local, especially in today’s day and age. Have fun and get your dose of the best of Indiana.

For more information and Artisan who will be on hand for the event click here http://indianaartisan.org/news_releases.php?nID=3

My first March blog

Life happens. I was doing really good at blogging and then March came and off I went…

DoItIndy lost some of our best event videos which really hit us hard as a group. We are trying to get them back and hope that a good resolution comes from that soon. We will continue to keep it urban and give you the best that Indianapolis has to offer. THEN…

I took my first real vacation in a few years a couple of weeks ago which I had been planning for over six months. I went to see the band 311 play at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and it was AWESOME! Fantastic music and a great time with my buddy Jason as we met new and cool 311 fans from across the country.

Great time with @jjpeoples311 at the show

We have a Facebook page and Twitter handle @excitableones for all you social media fans in cyberspace. Las Vegas was fun, how can you not have fun in Vegas right?. I made a few bucks playing blackjack and then gave them back which was ok with me. I had my small limit to gamble with and I stayed right within that limit.

The MGM Grand was rocking with 311 in the house

What a great seven days out West and then it was back to reality…and reality hit. My sister-in-law Tami (Steve’s wife) was diagnosed with colon cancer and she has now been through surgery to remove the tumor. The tumor is removed, she is home resting and will have to go through some chemo therapy. I’m very grateful she is better now.

My other sister-in-law Meghan had a baby with my little brother Nick which is WONDERFUL! But, when little Ivan came out he had to be rushed to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital from Anderson because he needed some extra help. The boy is much better now which is good – I’m a very proud uncle for sure. Finally we had another big event happen which I can’t say much about…but that is getting better too.  Life happens.

Funny how much I love this little man already

My first real personal blog on http://www.benrisinger.com and I guess it is cool. I have been a little more out there with my personal life lately on social media than what I normally share. Sometimes life hands you those times when you need to share a little bit more. I have something else that is in the works – something really cool and big. Coming soon.

The first time I got to hold my new nephew after a couple of days.

Go March!

p.s. I FINALLY purchased my first iPhone. I’m learning. It’s awesome.