My first March blog

Life happens. I was doing really good at blogging and then March came and off I went…

DoItIndy lost some of our best event videos which really hit us hard as a group. We are trying to get them back and hope that a good resolution comes from that soon. We will continue to keep it urban and give you the best that Indianapolis has to offer. THEN…

I took my first real vacation in a few years a couple of weeks ago which I had been planning for over six months. I went to see the band 311 play at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and it was AWESOME! Fantastic music and a great time with my buddy Jason as we met new and cool 311 fans from across the country.

Great time with @jjpeoples311 at the show

We have a Facebook page and Twitter handle @excitableones for all you social media fans in cyberspace. Las Vegas was fun, how can you not have fun in Vegas right?. I made a few bucks playing blackjack and then gave them back which was ok with me. I had my small limit to gamble with and I stayed right within that limit.

The MGM Grand was rocking with 311 in the house

What a great seven days out West and then it was back to reality…and reality hit. My sister-in-law Tami (Steve’s wife) was diagnosed with colon cancer and she has now been through surgery to remove the tumor. The tumor is removed, she is home resting and will have to go through some chemo therapy. I’m very grateful she is better now.

My other sister-in-law Meghan had a baby with my little brother Nick which is WONDERFUL! But, when little Ivan came out he had to be rushed to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital from Anderson because he needed some extra help. The boy is much better now which is good – I’m a very proud uncle for sure. Finally we had another big event happen which I can’t say much about…but that is getting better too.  Life happens.

Funny how much I love this little man already

My first real personal blog on and I guess it is cool. I have been a little more out there with my personal life lately on social media than what I normally share. Sometimes life hands you those times when you need to share a little bit more. I have something else that is in the works – something really cool and big. Coming soon.

The first time I got to hold my new nephew after a couple of days.

Go March!

p.s. I FINALLY purchased my first iPhone. I’m learning. It’s awesome.

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