Movember Mustache & Red’s Classic Barbershop Shave: Movember 3, 2011

Raising Money for Movember
A trimmed mustache after visiting Red's Classic Barber Shop on Movember 1st!

I am a fan of my new trimmed mustache after my visit to Red’s Classic Barber Shop in downtown Indianapolis. I started growing my mustache early to have a “visual aid” when we talked to people and help promote the charity this month. My stache was big and out of control – it needed a trim. I had heard of Red’s before and I knew that day the cool guys from Sun King Brewing were getting trimmed up for the month too. I figured it was worth a try and I had been growing my cool stache for too long and I needed help in figuring out how to trim the walrus and still look good. So, I didn’t shave for a few days in anticipation of this new adventure.

The face is lathered up
Ready for my shave after the second hot lather was applied. Nothing like a straight edge razor!

When I walked in a couple of barber’s were sitting at the lounge area and greeted me in a very cool old way with a grunt. I thought this was awesome, and it kinda took me by surprise. The front desk clerk was a very charming lady (Candi) who helped me out right away and handed me over to Rufus. This is where the fun began. First…picture an early 1900’s barbershop this is glistening white/black tiles with red chairs that are highlighted with bronze and steel up and down. Barber’s are dressed sharp in tie/vest and the classic Fedora. I’m a HUGE fan of the Fedora and can be found wearing one quite often. You get the picture…it is just plain cool. Many thanks to Candi for being a great assistant and snapping the photos of me in the chair.

Ready to have the best shave of my life!
Rufus starting my old fashioned shave

Rufus laid me down in the old barbershop chair and gave me a  hot lather, hot towel, hot lather, hot towel, shave, cold towel and then a great after shave balm. My face felt good! I was there for about 45 minutes and felt as if I was the king of that chair and Red’s. Another barber came over at the end and was giving me mustache grooming tips and ways to use the wax and twist it! The atmosphere was cool, the staff was very welcoming and friendly, and my shave was the best I have ever had. I’m a hairy Wookie too…I have to shave on a daily basis.

A happy face
My face felt SMOOOOTH. The best shave I have ever had.

Why am I doing this? For Movember!!!! Please help me and DoItIndy raise funds for prostate cancer research and men’s health in the state of Indiana and beyond! Our Mo’Space page: Any help you can give is appreciated. This is the first charity that my show is backing and sponsoring to promote – I haven’t been growing my mustache for no reason folks?! I get funny look and it makes it hard to talk to girls. For real. I have heard more times in the past few weeks that I look like a 1. Creeper/Molester or 2. A 70’s-80’s porn star type. I’m doing it all for charity! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Information on the Movember USA:
Twitter: @Movember

Local Indianapolis Movember Movement:
Twitter: @MovemberIndy

The shave is complete
Thumbs up to the man Rufus. I appreciate the good maestro mustache as well.

Please watch this SHORT video on what Movember is and where the money goes. I don’t ask for help for charity often, so please listen to ME!
You can’t wait…doitTODAY! DoItIndy! Help your dad, your husband, your brother, your best friend, your cousin, your uncle, your grandfather and more.

Thank You!

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