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Today is Media Day for Super Bowl 46 and the buzz is LOUD and clear for the city of Indianapolis. You are doing a great job hosting the Super Bowl XLVI festivities.

One of the goals for this year’s Super Bowl and the Indianapolis host committee was to be connected. And…connected they are with tweets, FB, videos, the #Social46 group and more! Kudos on getting the word out, keeping people informed and running a smooth sailing ship.

The SB 46 app will help you navigate downtown Indianapolis

The host committee developed a mobile apps that is one of the best I have ever seen! The app features a daily schedule, 3D map of the downtown Indianapolis area, traffic routes and suggestion on where to dine and shop in urban Indianapolis! Fantastic. The App is available for iPhone, Android and iPad. I have the app on my iPad and play with it every day. It helps me see the schedule and plan where I will go and what I will do. PLUS…If you are an AT&T customer, they are giving out FREE wifi to people who use their service. Too bad I’m on Sprint and I have a BlackBerry. Not easy to do social media with…I can’t wait to upgrade!!:?!.*$

CLICK HERE – to view my two minute video on how to use the Super Bowl XLVI App

Proud member of the Indianapolis Super Bowl host committee’s Social 46 team!

Proud member of #Social46 group

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