six bands 4 six bucks

2011 was a very interesting year…

Every year of your life is interesting in my opinion, just some are much more noteworthy than others. Sitting back this evening and thinking about what direction my life has taken makes me think this was a VERY interesting year! I have lived a great life over the past 12 months and I am very thankful for what God has given to me. You never know what is going to happen, so try to make the most of every day!

Over the past year, I’ve been privileged to attend some of the absolute best events that Indianapolis offers. I thought it would be cool to post some of my favorite 2011 pictures. These are my memories from going out in the inner city of Indianapolis (inside the 465 Loop). Enjoy. Let me know what you think. 2012 will bring some new and exciting things! Stay urban and get out and DoItIndy!

I got a very cool piece of art

The student art show featured works from the You Are Beautiful campaign. I won a piece that now sits in the DoItIndy studio. Very cool to see the student's work!

Always great food for $30

Devour Downtown - Happens every summer and winter. DoItIndy is now a proud sponsor of the event. Love great food for $30!

Always good to give back!

Got to experience more dogs in one place than ever before at Mutt Strutt 2011! My dog Nala was done by the end - but we walked for a good cause. Dogs!

I still can't believe that Si Greene's is haunted!

We did a paranormal investigation of Si Greene's Pub. Unreal! I still can't believe what we've found. AND...more to this story coming soon in 2011!

The best food in town

Soul Food Friday happens at the Madame Walker Theatre on Indiana Avenue. Amazing soul food from our city for a great price. This is a MUST if you have never experienced.

The best street art fair in the country

The Talbot Street Art Fair is the oldest street art fair in the United States. Amazing vendors locally and from across the country bring their art to Indianapolis.

The annual Woodruff Place Flea Market

The Woodruff Place Flea Market happens the first weekend of June every year. Amazing to see what people bring out to sale. Great food from vendors too!

The best mustache bunch in all of Indiana

Tolin, Producer Asa and I grew our mustaches for prostate cancer and men's health. The Movember Indy movement has really started to take off! Join us in 2012 as we grow our big mustaches again.

Brew Bracket blind taste testing of Indiana Microbrews

Proud sponsor of BrewBracket. A blind taste testing of Indiana Microbrews. Nothing better than that. Held twice each year - the next beer up is wheat!

Very proud of the world champions - Indianapolis ComedySportz

What a great time when ComedySportz Indianapolis won the ComedySportz World Championship! If you have never experienced one of their shows on Mass Ave - you have to TODAY!

The best local Indy music showcase in the city

Nothing better than SIx Bands 4 Six Bucks! This in my opinion is the best local music showcase that Indy has to offer (and it is cheap). DoItIndy will be the lead sponsor again coming up in March. I'm pumped to be the emcee one more time!

The best roller derby league in the WFTDA - Naptown Roller Girls

We are a sponsor of the 2011-12 Naptown Roller Girls season. AWESOME! This is some of the best entertainment/sports that this city has to offer. Fun for the whole family...sit in the suicide seat section (18 & over).


DoItIndy Top 5 video Aug 1-7, 2011

The video this week was filmed at Si Greene’s Pub who came on as one of our first sponsors! So, we are proud to  have an “official bar” of DoItIndy. Located at 10th and Emerson, the establishment has a lot of history and stories that could keep you there for hours on end. We have come to know Si Greene himself, kind of an Eastside legend, and you can find him on any random day drinking his wine and saying hello to all that walk through the doors. He is an owner who cares about his bar, the people who visit it, and truly makes you feel at home.

Great drinks, fun bartenders who will always make you laugh (they’ve even gotten into planking lately), and some of the best bar food in town. All of this along with DJ Jammin Joe on Friday and Saturday nights makes for a great night out and an experience you will not forget. If you are by the near Eastside or Irvington, stop in for a local, urban treat.

Ohhh…and check out the dude who almost walks in front of the camera at the end of the No. 4 event from Tolin. Made me laugh. 🙂 Be urban. DoItIndy.