2011 was a very interesting year…

Every year of your life is interesting in my opinion, just some are much more noteworthy than others. Sitting back this evening and thinking about what direction my life has taken makes me think this was a VERY interesting year! I have lived a great life over the past 12 months and I am veryContinue reading “2011 was a very interesting year…”

DoItIndy Top 5 video Aug 1-7, 2011

The video this week was filmed at Si Greene’s Pub who came on as one of our first sponsors! So, we are proud to ┬áhave an “official bar” of DoItIndy. Located at 10th and Emerson, the establishment has a lot of history and stories that could keep you there for hours on end. We haveContinue reading “DoItIndy Top 5 video Aug 1-7, 2011”