Grand Valley’s PRSSA PR Hangover Podcast – STORM AREA 51 Special Edition

PR Hangover is a ┬ábi-weekly advertising and public relations podcast featuring some of West Michigan’s most knowledgeable professionals. Brought to you by Grand Valley State University’s chapter of PRSSA.

I recently began my third year with Grand Valley as an adjunct professor in communications, love my side hustle. I was asked by the podcast host, Sarah Dudinetz, to be on and talk the September 20th – “STORM AREA 51” Event that has taken the internet and social media by storm. People have really signed up to see if aliens really exist. SO, what started out as a joke Facebook event by one guy at 1 a.m. is now a full blow festival that will be happening in nearby Las Vegas.

And…a couple of tourists from the Netherlands came to the United States and crossed the Area 51 border just a week ago. They were immediately put in jail. The phenomenon has reached the entire globe now.



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