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Google + Hangout 2 for Spring 2014 Managing Online Public Relations – #J560 Graduate Class. This hangout we discuss the WordPress and setting up a basic website that is professional, good for personal branding and something that other communicators can value.
**I was sick during this webcast, apologizes**


#J560 Managing Online Public Relations – G+ Hangout 1 – Intro

Google + Hangout 1 for Spring 2014 Managing Online Public Relations. This hangout we discuss the syllabus, Facebook and Twitter.

A Drink with Ben & Steve: Google + Hangout

Social Media and Google + Hangout

Ben and Steve will chat social media, the drink of the week and life on the 30 minute weekly webcast.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Steve Neville, of Intelligent Designs Media said we should chat social media more. We geek out. I completely agreed as I’m a social media junkie and can talk platforms and strategies all the time. Yes, this conversation was had while drinking a beer.

SO…a Google + Hangout was thought up. There are a lot of different podcasts about social media, but none focus on being a gentleman, having a gentleman’s beverage and social media. This week we chat #Vine – the new web six second video platform to use with Twitter.

I hope that you will join us to chat social media and just have some fun. The link to the Google + Hangout will be posted around 7:10-7:15 on Thursday evening via our Twitter handles. We will also take live questions and chat from Twitter – please use the hashtag #DrinkWBS to chime in and say hi!

Ben Risinger on Twitter: @Ben Risinger  |  Steve Neville on Twitter: @IntelMediaGroup

#MTFW at Roundpeg


I recently had the opportunity to chat social media and community events with Lorraine Ball of Roundpeg. Social Media is a complex tactic that can really make or break your event or community outing. The talk went to several local Indy organizations, pics, postings and more. We chatted up DoItIndy, Indy Fringe Theatre Festival and Movember Indy. Thanks again Lorraine and crew at Roundpeg.

#MTFW chat with Roundpeg

Here is a link to Roundpeg’s page where you can listen to the entire Podcast :

One of my favorite Geek things – Foursquare

Yeah…I’m a social media nerd and I LOVE Foursquare. Check-ins are cool and it makes me smile when I get a new badge. I recently wrote my first social mediaesque blog for our company, Somnium Media and it was on this very topic! After 656 days out and 3,812 check-ins as of April 9, 2012 I have to say I am hooked. Please enjoy a few of my badges below as I had to share some. As you can tell I like Pizza…5x. That is a lot of pizza check-ins.

Foursquare can help you with business and let you have fun with friends!

My personal Foursquare page –

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Somnium Media

Somnium Media can help you with all your communications needs!

I am very proud to announce that I have started a new media and communications company in the Indianapolis area with two partners! I am now a Principal at Somnium Media along with Stephanie Eppich Daily and Susan Decker. We offer public relations, social media, writing and more. Somnium in Latin means “the dream.”

Call us today at 317.643.0099 if we can help you!

@SomniumMedia  |  Facebook  |  Google +

Please click the link below to read my first blog on the Somnium Media website. Thanks!

My secret job during Super Bowl 46

Super Bowl XLVI

As anyone who is from the Indianapolis area knows, the city just hosted Super Bowl XLVI to much fanfare. The event went off without any major incidents and was a fantastic success. Way to go Indianapolis!

One of my professors at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) called me a few weeks before the big game and asked if I would be interested in volunteering for a special assignment during the Super Bowl. Heck yeah I was up for whatever?! My mind raced as to what it was and I finally found it would be assisting local civil service with the media in case of an emergency. I was given the opportunity to volunteer at the Joint Information Command Center for several days alongside members of police, fire, homeland security & more.

It was amazing to see how well organized the different entities were and how they all came together to help the city for a common cause. I cannot get into any details as to where the JICC was located or what it looked like unfortunately due to security. BUT…it was very impressive. In the case that an emergency would have happened, all information that would go out to the world would have been coordinated through the JICC by members of civil service. The operation was really amazing and efficient.

I learned some new skills and it was interesting to talk with other people when I was working to see how they were connected and dealt with the media. I am glad in the end that nothing happened to the city and game. Way to go Super Bowl 46! Working the JICC alongside my duties with DoItIndy ( made for a very interesting and no-sleep week. I will never forget how cool it was to be a part of history in Indianapolis.

I’m already looking forward to the next time we get to host a Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLVI Mobile App Review – Super Bowl 46 – DoItIndy

Today is Media Day for Super Bowl 46 and the buzz is LOUD and clear for the city of Indianapolis. You are doing a great job hosting the Super Bowl XLVI festivities.

One of the goals for this year’s Super Bowl and the Indianapolis host committee was to be connected. And…connected they are with tweets, FB, videos, the #Social46 group and more! Kudos on getting the word out, keeping people informed and running a smooth sailing ship.

The SB 46 app will help you navigate downtown Indianapolis

The host committee developed a mobile apps that is one of the best I have ever seen! The app features a daily schedule, 3D map of the downtown Indianapolis area, traffic routes and suggestion on where to dine and shop in urban Indianapolis! Fantastic. The App is available for iPhone, Android and iPad. I have the app on my iPad and play with it every day. It helps me see the schedule and plan where I will go and what I will do. PLUS…If you are an AT&T customer, they are giving out FREE wifi to people who use their service. Too bad I’m on Sprint and I have a BlackBerry. Not easy to do social media with…I can’t wait to upgrade!!:?!.*$

CLICK HERE – to view my two minute video on how to use the Super Bowl XLVI App

Proud member of the Indianapolis Super Bowl host committee’s Social 46 team!

Proud member of #Social46 group

The first blog post

I have finally started my own blog…took long enough. After listening to social media professionals talk about your voice long enough, I had to take the dive!
Life, social media, public relations, Indianapolis, my DoItIndy show…you will see a little bit of everything.

I do a small show called DoItIndy too. The Top 5 urban events within the 465 loop of Indianapolis each week.
Check out our stuff at Thanks!

Enjoy. Interact. Let me know if I can help you in any way! Have a great day….


At the Zoopolis 500

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