Movember Indy mustache Week Two Update –

Mustaches are growing #MoIndy2011
The start of Movember week two for the DoItIndy crew.


OK…I would like to say that week one and two so far have been great! Tolin and I have been promoting our mustaches and having a great time. DoItIndy ( has raised a total of $246.00!!!! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, thanks for the comments:

Anonymous – “Keep that stache rocking Big Ben!”
Polly Willhite
Kelly Campbell – “Save the balls!”
Thunderlight Studios – “Ben – Love the “MO” – you are rockin’ it my friend!!!!”
Stefanie Wiseman
Jerry Maple
Rhianon Waltman
Katie Warner – “I think what u guys r doing is awesome! Yay for healthy men!!”
Ryan & Shannon McWaters – “We want “Mo”….yeah!”
Barb Risinger
Andy Frazier
Sara Nathan

Movember Indy 2011
The Movember 2011 shield. DoItIndy are proud to be Mo Bro's.

We couldn’t do this without you. Our goal for Movember Indy 2011 is $1,000.00 – $ 754.00 to go (19 days left)! We will keep updating you via the DoItIndy Top 5 urban events video every week. Tolin is growing the Movember style mustache (started Mov. 1st) and I started my mustache a little early for Brew Bracket back in October (they gave money back to Movember Indy). All proceeds from Movember go to the LIVESTRONG Foundation (Lance Armstrong’s yellow arm band cause), and men’s health across the world.

What mustache do you have?
The Movember 2011 Mustache Guide

So we still need your help – PLEASE! This is our first charity cause and we will be growing our mustaches faithfully. IF we can hit our goal of $1,000.00 Big Ben will wear his mustache proud through his birthday on December 18th! If DoItIndy can fundraise $2,000 Big Ben will wear his mustache through the end of 2011!!! Now that is worth it. Please donate today ( and I will be wearing my mustache until January 1, 2012. Thank you.

Movember Mustache & Red’s Classic Barbershop Shave: Movember 3, 2011

Raising Money for Movember
A trimmed mustache after visiting Red's Classic Barber Shop on Movember 1st!

I am a fan of my new trimmed mustache after my visit to Red’s Classic Barber Shop in downtown Indianapolis. I started growing my mustache early to have a “visual aid” when we talked to people and help promote the charity this month. My stache was big and out of control – it needed a trim. I had heard of Red’s before and I knew that day the cool guys from Sun King Brewing were getting trimmed up for the month too. I figured it was worth a try and I had been growing my cool stache for too long and I needed help in figuring out how to trim the walrus and still look good. So, I didn’t shave for a few days in anticipation of this new adventure.

The face is lathered up
Ready for my shave after the second hot lather was applied. Nothing like a straight edge razor!

When I walked in a couple of barber’s were sitting at the lounge area and greeted me in a very cool old way with a grunt. I thought this was awesome, and it kinda took me by surprise. The front desk clerk was a very charming lady (Candi) who helped me out right away and handed me over to Rufus. This is where the fun began. First…picture an early 1900’s barbershop this is glistening white/black tiles with red chairs that are highlighted with bronze and steel up and down. Barber’s are dressed sharp in tie/vest and the classic Fedora. I’m a HUGE fan of the Fedora and can be found wearing one quite often. You get the picture…it is just plain cool. Many thanks to Candi for being a great assistant and snapping the photos of me in the chair.

Ready to have the best shave of my life!
Rufus starting my old fashioned shave

Rufus laid me down in the old barbershop chair and gave me a  hot lather, hot towel, hot lather, hot towel, shave, cold towel and then a great after shave balm. My face felt good! I was there for about 45 minutes and felt as if I was the king of that chair and Red’s. Another barber came over at the end and was giving me mustache grooming tips and ways to use the wax and twist it! The atmosphere was cool, the staff was very welcoming and friendly, and my shave was the best I have ever had. I’m a hairy Wookie too…I have to shave on a daily basis.

A happy face
My face felt SMOOOOTH. The best shave I have ever had.

Why am I doing this? For Movember!!!! Please help me and DoItIndy raise funds for prostate cancer research and men’s health in the state of Indiana and beyond! Our Mo’Space page: Any help you can give is appreciated. This is the first charity that my show is backing and sponsoring to promote – I haven’t been growing my mustache for no reason folks?! I get funny look and it makes it hard to talk to girls. For real. I have heard more times in the past few weeks that I look like a 1. Creeper/Molester or 2. A 70’s-80’s porn star type. I’m doing it all for charity! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Information on the Movember USA:
Twitter: @Movember

Local Indianapolis Movember Movement:
Twitter: @MovemberIndy

The shave is complete
Thumbs up to the man Rufus. I appreciate the good maestro mustache as well.

Please watch this SHORT video on what Movember is and where the money goes. I don’t ask for help for charity often, so please listen to ME!
You can’t wait…doitTODAY! DoItIndy! Help your dad, your husband, your brother, your best friend, your cousin, your uncle, your grandfather and more.

Thank You!

Haunting of Indianapolis – Si Greene’s Pub and DoItIndy

I’m a big fan of a local Irish bar that is on the Eastside of Indianapolis. It is the actual place where Scott Tolin and I came up with the brainchild of our show, DoItIndy. The old building sits at the corner of 10th Street and Emerson Avenue, only about 10 minutes out of the downtown Indy area (close to home). Great people, good music, daily specials, new appetizers (wings are my favorite), trivia, and more. You can see why Tolin and I like to have meetings there.

Midnight investigation
A random shot of myself during the investigation of Si Greene's Pub. I still can't believe what they found.

Last spring we found out that a couple of bottles exploded on the shelves for no reason in the middle of the night. Tolin knows a person that works with Paranormal 911 Investigations so we gave them a call. The group came to the bar, looked around, did a small walkthrough and decided to come back. What they found follows below. Nothing could have ever prepared me for that evening. Nothing. Part two and the conclusion will be out later this week.

I don’t know what to think of that night. In all honesty, I do know someone/something/somebody wanted to speak with us. What do you think?

Enjoy. Be urban. Be safe. DoItIndy. Happy Halloween.

Ready to investigate some ghosts
The Paranormal 911 team along with Jerry Maple, co-owner of Si Greene's Pub and the DoItIndy crew.

Many thanks go out to Paranormal 911 Investigations for their help, professionalism and guidance during the investigation. The group can currently be seen on the show My Ghost Story (A&E, Biography). The group can be found on Facebook, Twitter and

Mustaches and Movember Indy 2011

Both growing mustaches for charity
Tolin and I are both now growing mustaches in anticipation of Movember 1st!

As some of you may know, I have been growing out my mustache for the past four weeks. This isn’t to be in a play, and I’m not in civil service…it is for charity. Movember. A rather young charity that was started in Australia in 2003 to bring back the mustache and do something good for men and men’s health all over the world. I am proud to announce that DoItIndy has come on board as a sponsor of the Movember Indy 2011 Celebration!

“My commitment is to grow a moustache all November and I am hoping that you will too.  All funds raised go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LIVESTRONG). The idea behind this charity is to encourage men to grow moustaches in the month of November. The tagline is ‘changing the face of men’s health’; we literally challenge men to change their face by growing a moustache and by doing that they become a walking billboard for men’s health throughout the entire month.”  – From

Growing mustaches for men's health
Proud to be growing my mustache out for Movember Indy 2011 #moindy2011

People are looking at me funny, they think I am a creeper, chubby porn star, or it is part of a Halloween costume. No way. I’m wearing my mustache loud and proud to raise funds for men’s health and cancer’s that affect men. More specifically funds go for awareness and research towards the horrible disease. Cancer has been in my family and I never want to experience anything like it.

It is invigorating though…sporting a big burly man’s mustache – reminds me of my father in the late 70’s and 80’s. He wore a big walrus stache for years until he became a grandpa. People don’t mess with you as much. And when you are walking on the sidewalk, they step away from you! Haha – I’m a big teddy bear. My newest mustache find – a shirt at Target that says, “A moustache means business.” That saying is really true.

Raising $$$ for men's health in Movember - November
Ready to take the world by storm with my mustache - A moustache means business!

So in week four according to my shirt, I would be somewhere inbetween a general mustache and an undercover brother mustache.

Please help donate to the great cause of men’s health and help DoItindy give back to our local community. You can visit or you can go directly to our DoItIndy page at
For more information on local events in Indianapolis please visit @MovemberIndy or

We will be coming at you with more information and videos as the month moves on! Check back.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!! For all your men out there….Moustache Season is open!

Guest blog for

Many thanks to Robby Slaughter for asking me to share my experience (he saw a tweet, @benrisinger, that I had posted about being frustrated). Please enjoy the guest blog I wrote for
Misrepresented Grant by Ben Risinger

Screenshot of the blog post. Click the link above to read! Thanks.

Oranje 2011 walk video-mini review

Oranje was visually and musically very intense and awesome once again. The music was spot on. Neon Love Life rocked as usual. The techno was good too later in the evening. The painted ladies, trapeze acts, cartoons, painting, photos, comic book art and so much more. Thanks again for another great experience in Indianapolis. I look forward to covering Oranje again in 2012. – Official Website

Enjoy the Indy Life video which covers the day for DoItIndy. You can see what happened in Fountain Square first, then off to Oranje at night.

My FLIP video of the bottom floor of Oranje (walkthrough).

DoItIndy Top 5, Sept. 19-25, 2011 Can you say Oktoberfest?

We always take time each week to research our events and try to find different activities for each list. Well…sometimes the cool stuff just comes in abundance and that you will find with our No. 1 and No. 2 urban events. What day do you want to Oktoberfest? Friday night or Saturday day?

5. Zannadoo at the Rathskeller Biergarten
AWESOME! For anyone who has enjoyed a good cover band, having a beverage and just relaxing – this is for you. Zannadoo has been around Indianapolis for several years and play quite frequently at the Rathskeller. A great event for a fall evening.

Great band!
ZannaDoo at the Rathskeller LIVE!

4. Indy Jazz Orchestra at Garfield Park
Who doesn’t love a free concert…and a free concert in a park. Garfield Park is truly one of Indianapolis’ hidden treasures (old, big, awesome). If you have never visited the park off of Raymond Street on the south side of Indianapolis, you are missing out! Indy Parks does a great job of providing free concerts at different parks through the summer. Getting colder out there…so the free concerts will end soon.
Bring a picnic, relax, have fun.

3. Clash of the Tailgaters at Lucas Oil Stadium.
Sample great food, and help kick off festivities for the Taste of the NFL kickoff event. Indianapolis is hosting this 2012 SuperBowl and it is time to get the party started! Great food, music, Galo wine, Colts cheerleaders and FUN!
Stop by on Friday and give back to Gleaner’s Food Bank. It is food, the Colts and more!

Clash of the Tailgaters
Who will win the kickoff event for Taste of the NFL. Come, eat, find out!


2. Oktoberfest at Herron Morton Place
Probst! Seems like there are a lot of these festivals, but this is the NEW fest that benefits this wonderful historical neighborhood. Food, drinks and lots of cool history. The coolest part is that some of Indy’s best food trucks will be on hand for some tasty goodness.  Be on the look out for the lady from Historic Indianapolis, she might be around! History is cool…

The inagural Herron-Morton Place Oktoberfest fundraiser

1. Monument Circle Oktoberfest
This Friday the Columbia Club offers a new fundraiser for the Monument Circle Restoration Project. Food, brats, music by Polka Boy (you don’t want to miss his music) and of course BEER. Monument Circle is wonderful, we love the landmark and are happy to see the CC get in on some restoration help. And…did I say ELEPHANT EARS!!!! My favorite.

Oktoberfest on the Circle
Food, fun, Polka music and brew at the Monument Circle Oktoberfest

DoItIndy Top 5, Sept. 12-18, 2011 – pumped for ORANJE!

Another week in Indianapolis brings a lot of really cool music, art and festivals to the city. The five best urban events for the city of Indianapolis…

5. VegFest 2011 – Sponsored by the Indianapolis Vegetarian Society
I am definitely a meat eater, but I like my vegetables too. Just not nearly as much… Every year the IVS has a fundraiser and this year the Harrison Center for the Arts got involved and you have VegFest! Chefs, music, veggies, art and just a fun time to have. Go hungry, leave happy and know that you ate better than 99% of all other fairs in the USA. 🙂

IVS and the VegFest
VegFest is an event that benefits the Indianapolis Vegetarian Society


4. 16th Annual Irish Fest
Who doesn’t love to hang out with the Irish? Food, drinks, fun, dancing, leprechauns, cultural exhibitions and should I say more drinking?! Personally, I’m a big fan of the music and have been to this event a few times before. Good family fun for all at this one!

3. Art Squared in Fountain Square
This Saturday you can make art, buy art, be art. Cool. Big fan of the Fountain Square arts district and this is a fair/festival that involves the entire community. Art fairs, artists all over making art and a parade at 6pm down Virginia! Get there early and because of construction, park on a side street!

2. Indy Jazz Fest
Jazz is like music to my soul and Indianapolis was one of the cities that helped the jazz movement take place in the early 1900’s. Indianapolis brings in the best modern jazz musicians in the country for this wonderful showcase of music. George Benson, Trombone Shorty and many more will be on stage.

1. ORANJE 2011
If you want a music and arts show that truly tests the limits and brings you amazing art – this is it. One of my favorite Indianapolis events each year because there is SO much to do. At any one time you can eat, drink, watch FIVE stages of music and also check out and buy art. Local and regional artists are in abundance in an old warehouse that is truly AWESOME! You will not be disappointed in any way and if you are looking for THE thing to do this weekend, hit up Oranje on Saturday.

Oranje 2011 will give you the best Indy has to offer
Oranje features art of many different forms and expressions - don't miss out!


September 11, 2011 – 9/11 10 years later in Indy

The DoItIndy Indy Life video of the days events from @blevinswing.

As the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks got closer and closer, that was all you heard about in the news. TV, radio, internet…everyone was talking about memories, experiences, the future, etc. I woke up on Sunday and I thought about how much things have changed in 10 years. As a country, we are completely different, but yet the same.
I was in Indianapolis 10 years ago, running Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe on Mass Ave. (the space is now Aveda Full Circle Salon). I usually woke up to songs on the radio, but my usual songs were interrupted by talking that morning. After a few drowsy minutes, I finally became aware of what was going on…and I jumped out of bed to find the nearest TV. Wow. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I called my store to make sure all was well and then I went to work. Downtown Indianapolis was a ghost town as many building had been evacuated and during lunch I walked over to the Front Page to see a television, dead silence. I had never been in the bar/restaurant when it had been that quite. I left and closed down our shop early that day as the streets were bare and oddly empty.
The country was scared, but we have fought back. We have fought back and lost the lives of courageous soldiers that are on the front line for our freedom. We remember their sacrifice. We have become more aware at home of potential threats to our safety and hometown. Things have changed, but still they are the same. I feel as if we take for granted how much we really do have as Americans. I’m grateful I can drink my coke and write a blog on whatever I feel the need to talk about. We have freedom.

The Project 911 Memorial on the downtown canal
The crowd gathers for the Project 911 Memorial in downtown Indianapolis.

We visited the memorial dedication for the new Project 911 Memorial on the canal downtown. Was a truly moving experience. To see the beams reaching for the sky and the magnificent Eagle perched on the top just makes me feel a love for my country. The two pieces of metal show we will not give up, as Americans we will continue to prosper. Fantastic. The ceremony was moving and it was great to see all the support from bikers, locals, veterans and more.

The mayor speaks
Mayor Greg Ballard speaks at America Remembers on 9/11/11

After the Project 911 dedication, the DoItIndy crew checked out America Remembers at the Rathskeller Biergarten. So many good people, firefighters, city officials and more were on hand for the 10th anniversary of the attacks. The event is a fundraiser for Indianapolis firefighters and to date has raised over $100,000 (I can’t remember the exact number). It was very moving to hear firemen speak, the mayor and more. You could feel the energy on the deck as the guns rang out in a salute, balloons were let go and a HUGE flag was unfolded over the Atheneum.

The national anthem was recited and at that point I felt a warm feeling inside of me. It is good to live in the greatest country on earth. I love my country and hope that as time goes on, we as Americans will learn from our mistakes and make the world a better place for us all.

DoItIndy Top 5, Sept. 5-11, 2011 – Never Forget Sept. 11th

The first full week of September gave us a fantastic week full of events. Labor Day came and the chilly weather hit us quickly. Welcome to fall of 2011!
Onto this week’s Top 5 Urban Events….

5. Dracula at the Indiana Repertory Theatre
Who doesn’t know Dracula and who isn’t at least curious to see him on the live stage?! In honor of the Fall, the IRT will be hosting Bram Stoker’s Dracula now through October 1, 2011. The Indiana Repertory Theatre is one of Indianapolis’ best venues to see plays and live performances. Have fun, get into the boo spooky Halloween spirit and see the one and only…Dracula

Everybody likes to get a little spooked every now and then...Dracula is at the IRT through 10-1-11.


4.  Irvington Farmer’s Market and Art Fair
The second Sunday of each month through October, Irvington gives you one the BEST markets in the city. The market is in Ellenberger Park and goes from 12noon to 3pm. Music, arts, vendors, food and fun. This is the do not miss farmer’s market of Indianapolis in my opinion. I visit this each month to just people watch and always say hello to my boys at Fermenti Artisan –

Fermenti Artisan at Irvington Farmer's Market
One of my favorite farmer's markets at Ellenberger Park. I'm a big fan of the Eastside too.


3. 45th Annual Penrod Art Fair
It has been coined, “Indiana’s Nicest Day” and I hope that it is true. One of the oldest art fairs in the entire country, the Penrod is not to be missed. On the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) from 9a-5p on Saturday, Sept. 10th. Over 300 art vendors, music, food, beverages and activities for the entire family.

Indiana's Nicest Day
The 45th Annual Penrod Arts Fair will be at the IMA on Saturday, Sept. 10th.


2. Out of the Darkness Community Walk
This Saturday join the DoItIndy crew as we walk for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Central Indiana Chapter). Non-profit work is a big part of what we are about as a show, especially in our local Indianapolis community. A friend we met out one night, Amy Pauszek, turned us onto this and we are proud to be an official sponsor of the 2011 walk. Suicide is a touchy subject and we hope to raise awareness and some funds to help educate our local community.

Out of the Darkness Walk
DoItIndy is proud to sponsor the Out of the Darkness Community Walk


1.  America Remember 9-11
Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks on the USA…which we are all too familiar with. This is a solemn occasion for America, but the Rathskeller has started a tradition of America Remembers at the Biergarten. The event starts at 4pm this Sunday with different ceremonies, mayor Greg Ballard will be speaking, bagpipers will be playing, food, drink and more. This is an occasion to not only remember what happened 10 years ago, but to celebrate our independence and freedom as Americans.
I will never forget waking up and going to my coffee and chocolate shop (Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe) on Mass Ave. that morning. I would normally wake up to music on the radio, but as I remember wondering, “what is going on in the world?” as I awoke that morning. It was a day that as an American, I will never forget. We have show over the last 10 years we are strong as a nation, strong as a people, and good will always prevail. That is why I love living in the greatest nation on earth. We always tough it out and make it through whatever comes at us.
I will be at the gathering on Sunday and hope that Indianapolis shows a great turnout. I’m proud to live in the city of Indianapolis and proud to live in my country, the United States of America.